I was concerned about working with someone who didn’t “get” my business, but Amy has made the process very streamlined. I love that Amy understands my work and my process – she not only meets all the deadlines, but often anticipate things before I do! It has been a weight off my shoulders to not have to think about posting to my blog and company FB page.

Amy, you are a life-saver! You are so incredibly prompt, diligent, professional, helpful and responsive. What I love about you, Amy, is that you think ahead and help me see what steps that I need to take that I might not be aware of, especially when it comes to technology. You are so multi-talented and you always makes me feel so assured that you are on top of all of the details – because you are! I am really so grateful for you.

I was initially worried about hiring virtually and how to maintain our new websites – and then our web designer put me in touch with Amy. Amy has given me much peace of mind and made maintaining our website and growing our business less stressful. Our business continues to grow steadily and not having to worry about technology and tasks is huge.

You’re so efficient and prompt, Amy. And I have not yet found anything you can’t do! I appreciate your talents, your efficiency, your tracking our time so I don’t have to, and your clear, regular communication. Love working with you!!

Amy is that rare & brilliant combination of a tech genie and artistic designer. She got my wonky booking system fixed so it was up and running seamlessly on my website. Amy is warm, funny, approachable and so easy to work with, and that makes all the difference.

As a solo entrepreneur, having Amy as part of my online team has been invaluable.  I can easily delegate tasks to her and feel comfortable that they’ll be completed to a high standard.  Amy brings a knowledge base and skill set to my business that I wouldn’t otherwise have so I can keep moving forward.  I would (and do) happily recommend Amy to anyone needing support in their business too.

I have worked with several virtual assistants over the years. When I met Amy I knew she was a keeper. The life of a solo-preneur can be a little overwhelming at times, especially if you’re a control freak like me and you have difficulty turning over tasks. With Amy, I feel confident that anything I turn over will be handled with the utmost care. She is sharp, intuitive, prompt and efficient.

No more waiting on pins and needles when I’m in an entrepreneurial bind. I feel fully supported. Knowing she is on my team gives me peace of mind and allows me the space to focus on what I love best about my business while leaving the rest in her competent, capable hands.

If you are looking for some help, I cannot recommend Amy enough – she is is on it AND worth it! Amy did what I asked, but also went a step further. She made delegating easy for me, the control freak.

I hesitated to hire an assistant for a couple reasons: I was afraid no one could do what I do in my business (yes, I’m a bit of a control freak); and I was scared to invest in someone. It’s only been a short time, but I feel like I can breathe. I feel like I have someone else that can take over some things. I finally feel like I’m not alone and I don’t have to figure out everything on my own.

I love that you are so accessible, as well as how knowledgeable you are and you don’t need hand holding. I can ask you to do something and you do it AND give me tips or recommendations to improve my business. So invaluable!

My business partner and I are pretty much absentee owners at this point, so we rely heavily on Amy to keep the business operation running smoothly. She is completely trustworthy and reliable, as well as entirely competent. She handles the daily bookkeeping and banking tasks via Quickbooks, as well as general administration. Amy also assists with buying, meeting with local sales reps and our local consignment artists. There are a lot of details for her to juggle and she does so effortlessly.