This past Wednesday was my final day of a 10 day Winter Renewal Cleanse with Lisa Consiglio-Ryan from Whole Health Designs – I am off caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy and am loving it.  I was not sure I could give up my ice cream – but I did!

She shared some great ways to incorporate more whole foods and I will be rotating these recipes into my new meal planner now that the detox/cleanse is done – everything is so yummy!

The set up and meal plans were EXTREMELY organized and everything is planned out – just how I like it!

As I was prepping ingredients for dinner today,  I realized that some of you may want to know what I use in my own business to keep things organized and running smoothly.

Here are my go-to tools to keep myself on track:

1) Google calendar – love that it syncs with all my devices and is also online..the one thing I do not like about google cal is the design/look of the screen…so …I am looking at Sunrise calendar and Fantastical as additional options… more on those in a future blog post once I take them out for a test drive.

2) NeuYear wall calendar – I freakin’ love this wall calendar – you can choose paper or dry erase – and who doesn’t love dry erase!  Grab one of these while they are still available – click here.

3) Wunderlist – I use this to keep my todo list – I can access it on my computer and all my devices – I keep personal and biz lists on this one.

4) Calendly -I use Calendly for my online appointment scheduler – it integrates with Google calendar and has a clean interface that is easy to set up.

5) Paper Planner – As much as I love my virtual/online apps, I still love writing out my goals and tasks.  I was out shopping and obsessing over a new planner for this year and the glittery purple cover on one just called out to me.  It has some big, bodacious spaces for me to write down all my stuff for the day!

So tell me, what tools do you use to organize your life and business – let me know in the comments below.


When I first started my accessories and jewelry business in 2006 (long before I added Virtual Assistance and WordPress to my repertoire) – my to-do list was a never-ending list that made me feel defeated every time I looked at it.

I would list out what I wanted to get done for the week – which usually looked something like this:

  • cut out and sew 15 pouches for order A
  • make 10 necklaces for my online shop AND take photos of them AND create the listings for them
  • post daily on social media
  • create a newsletter – edit, publish and schedule it to go out

…and the list would go on from there.


Each day I would look at my list and start several things in a frenzy, but never got much done…always resulting in a feeling of tremendous defeat.

I knew my methods had to change if I was going to grow my business – so I started to focus on one thing per day.

My list had one to five tasks on it for the entire week – and for each, day smaller items and tasks to finish those weekly tasks.   Once I began to stay focused on a few main tasks – I started to get more stuff done daily.  I felt energized!

Then I met the fabulous Erika Lyremark in her Morning Whip class and my to-do list got whipped into shape even more – one to three tasks for the week – yes you heard me – three tops!

I worked diligently to stay focused on a few main tasks for the month, and I started to get even more things accomplished in my business.

Erika taught me to focus and plan – yearly, monthly and daily.

My yearly list started out with 20 items and I got it down to ten, and then I picked the three items I truly wanted to concentrate on that would push my business forward for the year.

By breaking your list into smaller steps, you can easily plan out each week…and as you move forward through your list – you can re-visit items and rearrange as needed – because your to-do list is dynamic and it should work for you and make you feel great about you and your business.

So tell me, how do you organize your week?  Do you keep a list of tasks that need done, or do you have another method?

Let me know your own tips in the comments below.