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How to Get Started Working with a VA

There are a ton of blog posts & checklists out there that tell you what you can outsource to a VA, and how to hire a VA – but let’s face it – reading a list of 100 things you can outsource doesn’t get you any closer to working with a virtual assistant or adding […]

My Top 5 Tools to Organize Your Business

This past Wednesday was my final day of a 10 day Winter Renewal Cleanse with Lisa Consiglio-Ryan from Whole Health Designs – I am off caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy and am loving it.  I was not sure I could give up my ice cream – but I did! She shared some great ways to incorporate […]

How to Be a Pro – Convert Files Quickly

Hate when someone sends you a file and your freaking computer can’t open it?!?! I do. Luckily, I am your tech maven and I absolutely love finding solutions to your problems (especially when I get to geek out while doing it)! Being a tech VA, I need files in specific formats and I need them […]

How To Add A Custom PayPal Button To Your Site

Do you have a product or service ready to put on your site, but that standard PayPal button is just not rockin’ your boat? I have a simple solution for you today – a step by step tutorial for adding a fab custom button to your site for people to click and buy from you!!!! […]


Make Your To-Do List Work For You

When I first started my accessories and jewelry business in 2006 (long before I added Virtual Assistance and WordPress to my repertoire) – my to-do list was a never-ending list that made me feel defeated every time I looked at it. I would list out what I wanted to get done for the week – […]